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The Gulf Shores Restaurant Feeds

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With the Gulf Shores Restaurant Feeds you can now not only read the latest from, but also use the reviews. For example, you could have within your own Web site or, as a 'ticker' across your computer’s screen keeping you constantly up to date with the latest reviews. However you want to use it, the Gulf Shores Restaurant Feeds are available without a charge or subscription.

Using a standard RSS (technically Rich Site Summary, but far more commonly called Really Simple Syndication) file, you can easily access and use the Gulf Shores Restaurants Feeds however you require. Whilst there are a myriad of ways that you could use the service, the three most common are as follows:

  • On your own Web site – if you need help doing this then contact your Web site designer or hosting service. (or me if nobody else will help)
  • As a browser ticker / toolbar, for example the Google Desktop
  • Directly into a stand-alone RSS reader such as FeedDemon or RssReader

To instantly gain free access to the Gulf Shores Restaurant Review Feeds either click on this Gulf Shores Restaurants RSS logo or the ones that you will find at the top of certain pages.

Finally, if you use your own aggregator on your computer, you can copy the URL of the feed.
Then, just paste it into your aggregator to receive updated restaurant reviews.

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